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My first contact with the US was in October 1996. I went on a business trip to Knoxville, Tennesee and Seattle, Washington. In addition I spent some vacation in Victoria, Canada and New York City before returning to Germany.

In the beginning it was not obvious to me how much the United States affects me. But shortly after my first trip to the US I started searching for a possibility to live in the States for a while.

Therefore I applied for a job within Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems . After joining Sun in February 1998 I moved to California on April 1st, 1999. During the five years living in the so-called Bay Area south of San Francisco I saw the rise and fall of the High Tech industry.

A big advantage of my job there was that I was able to group my spare time together and use it to travel arround. Therefore I traveled a lot in the United States and visited all 50 states by September 23rd, 2003.

But most of all I am impressed with the nature and manifold landscape, which America has to offer and I hope I am able to share some of my feelings for it on the following pages.

Have fun!

erik riedel
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